Tree Bank Foundation names Largent as new Executive Director

The Tree Bank Foundation welcomes a new executive director to its organization.

Jacqueline Nicole Largent joined the Tree Bank Foundation in September. Largent, who goes by “Nicki” previously worked with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Geological Survey. For the past four years, Largent has served as program manager for OKC Beautiful while committing many hours to other local nonprofit organizations. Largent’s experience with the state’s landscaping efforts and geography made her a great candidate for the job, said Foundation President Rob Shaff.

“Nicki’s experience and knowledge in the beautification of Oklahoma’s landscape is very extensive,” Shaff said. “We look forward to the possibilities we can achieve with someone of her background leading the way, and we certainly have a bright future ahead of us at The Tree Bank Foundation.”

Largent replaces former director Mary Gilmore Caffrey who retired at the end of September. Caffrey directed The Tree Bank Foundation for 25 years.  “Mary did amazing work for the state of Oklahoma and all its residents,” Largent said.  “I am honored to have been chosen for this position and I cannot wait to get started.”

As Largent begins putting down her roots, The Tree Bank Foundation also will celebrate a milestone. For a quarter century, The Tree Bank Foundation has been building a stronger sense of community through the promotion, development, and management of urban forestry projects with public and private partners. Its vision to change the landscape of Oklahoma one tree at a time can be seen in various projects across the state. Since 1987, the foundation has been planting hundreds of thousands of trees for beauty, color, character, community pride, architectural definition, improved air quality, and the mental and physical well-being of state residents.

September 28, 2012