Press Kit

Press Kit

Organization Information

The Tree Bank Foundation is a state-wide nonprofit organization dedicated “to educate the public and build a stronger sense of community through promotion, development and management of urban forestry projects with public and private partners.”  Our vision is to change, one tree at a time, the landscape of Oklahoma into one encompassing  thousands of trees for beauty, color, character, community pride, architectural definition, improved air quality and mental and physical well-being.

Background Information

Since 1987, the Tree Bank Foundation has improved the quality of life and health of communities throughout Oklahoma with tree planting and urban forestry advocacy projects.  From small towns, like Stillwell and Morrison, to large demographics, like Lincoln Boulevard and Airport Road in Oklahoma City, Tree Bank projects have brought needed landscaping, beauty, and environmental benefits to all Oklahomans. More than 200,000 trees have been planted statewide, an investment valued at $215 million when the trees reach maturity. The vast majority of these trees were of substantial size, 1-½ inches in trunk diameter or more and 5 feet tall or larger.  In addition, the trees provide over a half of a million dollars of air pollution removal every year. Our trees have a high success rate. Each recipient receives tree planting and maintenance training.  We have also distributed 108,000 seedlings. With new projects each year, The Tree Bank Foundation continues to dramatically impact public/non-profit organization lands and the people of central Oklahoma. These projects have also brought a sense of involvement to the project participants, showing them the power of becoming involved in their communities.

Contact Information

Nicki Largent, Executive Director

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Biography of Executive Director

Jacqueline Nicole Largent (“Nicki”) was born and raised in Oklahoma, first in Norman and then in Oklahoma City.  She attended Mt. St. Mary High School and then studied Physical Geography at the University of Oklahoma.  Nicki has previously worked with the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Geological Survey but has come to the Tree Bank most recently from OKC Beautiful where she was the Program Manager for four years.  Nicki and her husband, George Niestempski, were married in January of 2008. She has two stepchildren, Caitlynn (16) and Andrew (8), and a son Asher (1).  She is a volunteer for several nonprofit organizations, including Catholic Charities, the OK Humane Society, PAW OK, Tobacco Prevention Coalition, Neighborhood Alliance and her high school alma mater.  Her hobbies include making custom beadwork, reading, and babysitting for her twelve nieces and nephews.