Replanting After Pine Wilt

After the removals and clean-up from pine wilt’s damage, there are excellent opportunities to continue beautifying your park, school, yard or library: Replant! Below is a list of replacement trees, suitable for Oklahoma, as well as some important characteristics of each.


  • Shortleaf pine – native to eastern Oklahoma , hardy, moderately dense crown, available in limited supplies from nurseries
  • Loblolly pine – native to eastern Oklahoma, avoid planting in high clay soils, open crown, easily found in nurseries
  • Ponderosa pine – native to western US, it has transplanted well in Oklahoma, moderately dense crown, available in limited supplies from nurseries

Note: The listed pines have a different growth pattern from Austrian and Scots pine. Shortleaf, loblolly and ponderosa pines do not keep their branches to the ground; they have a more “open” appearance than the dense growth of Austrian and Scots pines.

Other evergreens

  • Junipers, improved varieties – native to Oklahoma, aesthetic varieties of eastern red cedar, hardy in almost all soils and locations, drought tolerant, don’t spread indiscriminately, many varieties and cultivars available from nurseries
  • Arborvitae – successful introduction to Oklahoma, prefers soils without high clay content, dense branching and foliage, should not be planted near trees or shrubs with seridium canker, available from most nurseries

Additional information and photos of each tree are available through Oklahoma State University at