Great Tree Giveaway

Great Tree Giveaway

This program is available for corporations or businesses that wish to conduct an outreach event by giving away free trees to the community of their choice.  To download the flier, click here – Great Tree Giveaway.

The Tree Bank Foundation will assist your business in hosting a free tree giveaway by taking the registration information from the customer, providing educational material about the tree, purchasing and delivering the trees to a community and site of your choice. Your employees can volunteer to assist at the event or the Tree Bank Foundation will provide volunteers for the day.

In appreciation for your sponsorship, the Tree Bank Foundation will work with your public relations department to generate:

How much do you usually pay to reach out to your community? The cost of a tree giveaway sponsorship is $25 per tree, with a minimum of 50 trees ordered. *To include t-shirts in your sponsorship, the cost is $30 per tree.

Why is a tree giveaway good for business?

For more information or to set up your tree giveaway event, call 405.702.4050 or email

The Apache Corporation located in Houston, Texas, began partnering with the Tree Bank Foundation in 2008 to support its commitment to environmentally responsible projects. The Great Tree Giveaway program has distributed almost 150,000 trees to 60 Oklahoma communities through the Tree Bank Foundation.

2008 – inaugural year of the program

2009 – 41,385 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

2010 – 23,371 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

2011 – 20,000 3-gallons trees donated in Oklahoma

2012 – 10,000 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

2013 – 10,000 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

2014 – 1,700 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

2015 – 2,000 3-gallon trees donated in Oklahoma

Through these on-going contributions the Great Tree Giveaway has been a great success, contributing more than $137,000,000 in landscaping value once the trees reach maturity and $630,000 in air pollution reduction by the trees.