OCU Native Arboretum

OCU Native Arboretum

The Tree Bank Foundation’s partnership with Oklahoma City University grew by many trees this year. The Tree Bank Foundation planted a Native Tree Arboretum of Oklahoma trees from across the state at Oklahoma City University in 2011, creating a showcase of native trees on the campus. Through the generosity of The Tree Bank Foundation and private donors, OCU’s east side of campus has new shade and opportunities for study.

Project Highlights

Educational Opportunities

Project Funding

The Tree Bank Foundation did not receive any financial compensation from these donations. All of the donated funds were used to purchase trees, project supplies, and materials and to hire professionals to assist with the program.

Trees planted at the Oklahoma City University Native Arboretum include: blackgum, bald cypress, American elm, cedar elm, winged elm, canaertii juniper, bur oak, shumard oak, water oak, loblolly pine, and redbud.