Shade Trees on Playgrounds (STOP)

Shade Trees on Playgrounds (STOP)


The Tree Bank Foundation, in cooperation with its partners, is championing the fight against skin cancer starting with our most vulnerable citizens: our children. Oklahoma faces a growing, frightening threat – skin cancer. With the highest per capita mortality rate from malignant melanoma in the U.S., Oklahoma is positioned to succumb to a growing problem of inattention to our skin or we are positioned to lead the fight in lowering the risk of melanoma in our state.

Shade Trees on Playgrounds (STOP) is a program designed to provide large, quality shade trees to playgrounds, parks, ball fields, trails, and other places children play in the sun. Why is that important? The Centers for Disease Control released this manual to discuss the problem of over-exposure to UV radiation. The main point to remember is that between 68% and 90% of all melanomas result from exposure to UV radiation – which is easily preventable by providing shade from the sun.

So far our program has planted one hundred eighty six large trees in seven playgrounds on parks and recreation department lands in Edmond, El Reno, Lawton, and Stillwater.

Educational Materials for the STOP Program are FREE online and focus on health and tree issues.

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The Tree Bank Foundation did not receive any financial compensation from these donations. All of the donated funds were used to purchase trees, project supplies, and materials and to hire professional foresters to assist with the program.

Yukon Parks and Recreation Department

Yukon Parks Department planted at numerous parks throughout the community.  From swing sets to playgrounds to ADA-accessible basketball courts and ball fields, almost every place for children in the Yukon Park system has been impacted by the plantings.  Yukon’s comprehensive project also inspired additional donations for a park bench at Freedom Trails, the ADA-accessible park.

Southwest Park, Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department

Southwest Park in Ardmore is now providing playgrounds and shade to a section of the community for the first time.

This park is being funded in large part through private donations, showing the power of citizen advocacy and how far a good idea can go with child-, health- and tree-focused projects.

Thunderbird State Park

Thunderbird State Park has completed a massive renovation of the South Dam Campground, including redesigning campsites and renovating the playground.

Projects like Thunderbird’s allow the Tree Bank to provide much needed resources to a popular Oklahoma attraction by filling a niche in a larger project.