The Tree Bank’s 2015 campaign is in full swing!  Click here if you would like to join our list of donors.

Campaign Levels

Platinum Donors

Ms. Ann Alspaugh
Dell Computers, Inc.
Jean I. Everest Foundation
Half Price Books
Mr. Don Kastens
Kirkpatrick Family Fund
Meinders Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nichols

Gold Donors

Colton & Associates
Dell Computers, Inc.
Fred Jones Family Foundation
Johnson Controls
Nancy and George Records
Lee and Janice Segell
State Fair of Oklahoma
UPS/Keep America Beautiful
Mr. C.M. Zeeck

Silver Donors

Ackerman McQueen
American Fidelity Foundation
Dr. Glenn Ashmore
Mr. Jerry Bendorf
Mrs. Cynthia Brindley
Mrs. Dana Childress
City National Bank
CLS & Assoc.
Ms. Alice Dahlgren
First Commercial Management
Mr. Mark Gautreaux
Great Plains Coca Cola
Gumerson & Assoc.
Ms. Jane Kirton
Koch Communications
Ms. Linda Lambert
Guy and Judy Liebmann
Lippert Brothers Inc.
Mr. Kent Mauk
Ms. Jean McLaughlin
Medley and Turrentine Insurance
Hedra and Harry Merson
Mr. Richard Parker
Presbyterian Health Foundation
Quail Creek Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Raybourn
Bob and Lynne Rowley
Ms. Mary Ruffel
Ms. Sally Saunders
Seven Eleven Stores
Ms. Nikki Singer
Mr. Lee Allan Smith
Stanton Young Foundation
Mr. Tom Thomas
TLC Garden Centers
Trochta’s Flowers
Mr. Dick Workman
Mr. David Yost

Bronze Donors

Amateur Softball Assoc.
Mr. Lyeal Amos
Mr. Richard Anderson
Ardmore Beautification Council
Mr. Henry Asin
Mr. Kurt Atkinson
Patricia and Earl Austin
B.C. Clark Jewelers
Barbara Eskridge Trust
Baumann Properties
Dr. Joy Reed Belt
Ms. Rhonda Berry
Ms. Margaret Biggs
Mr. G.T. Blankenship
Ms. Jane Bown
Dr. Steven Brandt
Ms. Phyllis Brawley
Mr. Russal Brawley
Bob and Connie Bright
Butcher Investments
Canine Clips
Ms. Harriet Carson
Mr. Don Carter
Ms. Debi Castro
Catholic Charities
Mr. Richard Champlin
William and Madge Chissoe
Choice Home Health
City of Enid / Enid Tree Board
Mr. Tom Creider
Ms. Alice Dahlgren
Roger and Joyce Davis
Ms. Sydney Dobson
Ms. Cheryl Dorrance
Mr. Garen Draper
Ms. Nancy Payne Ellis
Ms. Ava Emerson
Mr. Allan Ephraim
Mr. J. Patrick Evans
Ms. Theo Evans
First Liberty Bank
Ms. Alice Fitzpatrick
Mr. Kevin Flowers
Mr. Gerald Gallivan
Ms. Karen Garner
The Greens HOA
Mr. James Hampton
Ms. Roselle Harris
Mr. Bill Hays
Ms. Elizabeth Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Humphreys
Ms. Jolene Ingram
Ms. Joy Jacobs
Ms. Anne Jennings
Ms. Alyssa Kaiser
Mr. Christian Keesee
Ms. Diana Kennedy
Ms. Jane Kirton
Craig and Julie Knutson
Langston Co.
Mr. Sherman Lawton
Mr. Bill Long
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Marshall
Mr. Joe McKenzie
Mr. James Meade
Mr. Michael Mena
Ms. Anne Michalski
Jim and Kathy Moody
Moore Beautiful
Neighborhood Alliance
Oklahoma County Master Gardeners
Mr. Daniel O’Neil
George and Joanne Orr
Ms. Mildred Page
Ms. Penny Poe
Mr. Paul Porter
Ms. Mary Quisenberry
Mr. Patrick Raglow
Ms. Caroline Robertson
JF and DL Robinson
Mr. Erik Roscom
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Ms. Dorothy Sanbar
Ms. Phyllis Sandmann
Ms. Jan Scott
Mr. Joe Shockley
Ms. Joyce Silver
Ms. Janice Singer
Smith and Kernke Funeral Directors
Mr. Greg Smith
Mr. Roy Smith
Ms. Linda Steinhorn
Mr. Allan Storjohann
Jim and Michele Sutton
Ms. Dorothy Thadani
Ms. Leslie Tippett
United Founders NA
Walt Garner and Assoc.
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Weston
Mr. Pete White
Ms. Renate Wiggin
Ms. Connie Williams
Ms. Laurie Williams
Mr. James Yoch